[tor-relays] Explaining Tor to worried parent

DrNotThatEvil relay at wilv.in
Mon Nov 12 12:53:55 UTC 2018

Hi everybody,

My exit got suspended for a little a few hours today, even tho I
contacted my isp before
to explain the situation (it was related to a spam blacklist suspend
policy). I got the matter
resolved quickly but due to the annoyance I mentioned it to a parent.

The conversation quickly devolved into worry and fear advising me to
stop running it,
to be honest now that I think about it from her perspective I can't
blame her for thinking like this.
However the responses and explanations from my end never hit the mark, I
know why I'm doing it
I know their might be risks but that I'm doing something that I believe in.

Have you guys/gals ever faced situations similar to this? How did you
handle it?

Secondly she also raised the following question:
'if you don't do it somebody else will, so why do you put yourself at risk?

Thirdly she detected from the conversation that a Exit Relay might not
be free from legal issues and
I can't say that this is not the case, but I do think her view of these
issues is utmost grim bringing up
my future and employment opportunities.
How would do you view/explain the severity of these legal issues?

Kind Regards,


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