[tor-relays] First abuse complaints

niftybunny abuse at to-surf-and-protect.net
Fri Nov 9 23:49:20 UTC 2018

you are also getting used to subpoenas. 
if you are in a western country it should be legal. from my experience you don’t have to fear the higher tier police aka federal state police or secret service, they know what they are doing. 
if you are living in a small village you perhaps should contact the local police. they have no IT department, so no clue and thats what would be worrying to me. 
enjoy your ride!


> On 10. Nov 2018, at 00:41, DrNotThatEvil <relay at wilv.in> wrote:
> Let's hope my it's not gonna happen anytime soon.
> Now I kinda regret that I didn't sign up for the "IT and legal" class at
> my school.
> - willmar
> On 11/10/18 12:33 AM, niftybunny wrote:
>> you are getting used to it. 
>> modify
>> the https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorAbuseTemplates templates
>> to your liking and send out the response.
>> just wait for your first subpoena :)
>> markus
>>> On 10. Nov 2018, at 00:26, DrNotThatEvil <relay at wilv.in
>>> <mailto:relay at wilv.in>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I knew that starting this journey would be a wild ride where I would
>>> learn and experience a lot!
>>> But now that my first abuse complaints have appeared I feel a bit on
>>> edge while I reply to them, frantically checking my spelling
>>> dotting my I's and crossing my T's.
>>> Will these emails always feel so scary to reply to? or do they start to
>>> feel just normal after a while?
>>> What was it all like in the beginning when you guys opened up your first
>>> exit?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> - Willmar
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