[tor-relays] Running an exit node from home

Ralph Seichter m16+tor at monksofcool.net
Thu Nov 1 14:49:44 UTC 2018

* teor:

> I don't understand what you mean by "an exit". Do you mean "the Exit
> flag" or "an exit policy that allows some ports"?

I put "an exit" in quotes because I think there are different
interpretations. I consider a Tor Exit to be a specialisation of a Tor
Node which allows connections beyond the Tor network, based on exit
rules, and which actually is utilised in that role, based on available
bandwidth and consensus weight.

> I agree, but each operator can make their own choice.

Sure. Deciding to sell bycicles from an inflatable raft at Point Nemo is
a choice one could make, but is it a *good* choice? ;-)


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