[tor-relays] New DNS related fields in the ContactInfo Sharing Specification

Paul Templeton paul at coffswifi.net
Wed May 30 02:18:25 UTC 2018

>>> https://github.com/nusenu/ContactInfo-Information-Sharing-Specification

>> or will there be a key available to specify? I.e. 25%BW and/or
>> 50%CPU.
>> I'm just saying as I have three bare metal systems two that have
>> 1gbit Ethernet no data cap but they only use 15%...

>Due to this last sentence I'm not sure if you
>want to convey availability (only xx% of resources are available to tor) 
>or usage (tor uses only xx% of the resources it has available)?

The latter - Tor uses only xx% of the resources it has available. It might help by knowing where capacity is available for extra services if and when required by the Tor Project. Just Saying.



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