[tor-relays] VPNGate Project Exit Node Volunteers / I2P

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue May 22 20:56:02 UTC 2018

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 10:13 AM, Paul <pa011 at web.de> wrote:
>> For those relay operators who may have extra
>> non tor listed IP addresses and want to help
>> a related projects / userbase.
>> https://geti2p.net/
>> I2P also has an exit proxy function.
> Why is it important to have a "non tor Listed IP" ?
> Cant one just run I2P and a tor relay on the same IP?

Yes you can run and contribute to many of the other anonymous
overlay, distributed filesystem, messaging, privacy coin, etc
networks all using the same IP. It's fun.

For those networks that provide an 'exit' outproxy function, whether
auto or manually configured, yes any additional exit nodes you
add to them could be helpful to the respective networks.

Using same IP, the added node would have no better than tor's average
access to read things on the internet because tor's exits are scraped
out of the consensus, and reported, and added to many DNSBL,
abuse / spam DB, Google / CloudFlare captcha, GeoLocation,
blacklist, etc systems on the planet.

The other overlays, while quite capable, are much less known than
tor, thus less likely to have their exits and nodes in as many blacklists.

In some sense, adding a blacklisted tor exit IP to those networks
could be considered a reduction of their average access rates.
Consult each on tradeoff between cleaner access and node count,
they might not prefer to have too many dirty tor IPs.
And to characterize such rates of each overlay network you'd
have to run a study to measure them.

If you can't browse, signup, use a website using a dirty tor exit IP,
then likely for at least so long as that IP remains a tor exit IP, trying to
do so from that same IP as part of another overlay network will also fail.

The access issues are partly why some tor exit operators use
OutboundBindAddress, NAT, and even offer out of band OpenVPN
termination... to separate ORPort IP in consensus from actual exit IP,
a way to try raising the access:blacklist ratio.

Run whatever nodes you like :)

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