[tor-relays] Nyx and Arm

gerard at bulger.co.uk gerard at bulger.co.uk
Mon May 21 10:27:23 UTC 2018

My exit has been around for a year or more.  Bit Nyx now reports 120 outbound, but has pages of blue labelled outbound.

Arm 3044  502 exit   shows

531.6 Mb/s- 1.02Mbs

Exit, Fast, HSDir, Running, Stable, V2Dir, Valid


Nyx does not show any exits.  Tor Relay (Atlas) shows exit probability of up to 0.0300% over last three months.


My exit policy is careful with a few /8:80 and high risk ports risk closed and most other ports including 443 open.  

So far I have not had any abuse reports, but weary. I would like to keep an eye on the exit ports used which arm reports as 443, 5222 (Jabber) 5228 Android, and high numbers which makes sense to me.  But cannot see any exit data with Nyx







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On Sun, 20 May 2018, 21:33 , <gerard at bulger.co.uk <mailto:gerard at bulger.co.uk> > wrote:

Arm says I have 3506 outbound
                              354 exit

Nyx has long blue list but states 50 outbound.  No mention of exits.   

What am I doing wrong with Nyx?



As people on this list of said / helped me, Arm is old and buggy, Nyx is new and working.


There is a bug in Arm where exits are shown errorenously, even showing exits in middle (non exit) relays, sometimes causing a fright. Arm can also confusingly list concensus updates to be shown as exits.


Or maybe you are a new relay and traffic will take to build (see the blog post life cycle of a new relay).


Hope that helps.

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