[tor-relays] can dirport be disabled on fallback directory?

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Sat May 19 23:54:36 UTC 2018


I didn't get your original email, it appears my spam filter is eating all your emails.
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At 12:25 5/18/2018 -0400, starlight.2017q4 at binnacle.cx wrote:
>Lately seeing escalating abuse traffic on the relay dirport, now up to 20k rotating source IP addresses per week.
>The simple solution is to disable dirport, but the relay is a fallback directory and I don't want to make a change that will negatively affect the relay's ability to function as such.  Would 
>disabling dirport be a problem?

All supported Tor clients use the ORPort.
They won't notice if you remove the DirPort.

>can a non-advertised dirport be left configured for local-system use while the public advertised dirport is disabled?

This config doesn't work, and that's a bug:

>does a command utility or method exist for querying dirport documents via tunnelled-dir-server?  including miscellanous documents such as

Stem master supports ORPort endpoints in stem.descriptor.remote.Query requests:

There might not be convenience functions for some of the document types you listed, so you'll need to pass their paths in the resource argument. You might also want to avoid compression locally by dropping the ".z".

There don't seem to be any examples of ORPort endpoints in the Stem repository. I think Dave plans to add some more documentation as part of Tor Summer of Privacy.


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