[tor-relays] can dirport be disabled on fallback directory?

starlight.2017q4 at binnacle.cx starlight.2017q4 at binnacle.cx
Sat May 19 14:28:50 UTC 2018

Dirport is a handy convenience, but is not essential to proper
functioning of the network.  Put a connection rate-limit on
dirport and it stopped the abuser cold.  Dirport traffic went
from 15% of total back down to 1-2% where it belongs.

Nonetheless the questions posed are valid.

At 12:25 5/18/2018 -0400, starlight.2017q4 at binnacle.cx wrote:
>Lately seeing escalating abuse traffic on the relay dirport, now up to 20k rotating source IP addresses per week.
>The simple solution is to disable dirport, but the relay is a fallback directory and I don't want to make a change that will negatively affect the relay's ability to function as such.  Would 
>disabling dirport be a problem?
>can a non-advertised dirport be left configured for local-system use while the public advertised dirport is disabled?
>does a command utility or method exist for querying dirport documents via tunnelled-dir-server?  including miscellanous documents such as

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