[tor-relays] New relay operator here

privatesociety Tor tor at privatesociety.is
Thu May 17 19:08:23 UTC 2018

Hello tor relay community!
I‘d like to introduce six new relays, which are operated by privatesociety,
a community of people, which fighting for privacy based in europe. The six
relays provide a capacity of around 300 mbit/s (total) and are hosted on
networks, which aren‘t much used - so better for the tor community. I hope
we are working great together. :)

Look at meetrics for more details:

Anyway: We are maybe setting up an exit in the future, but for this we‘d
like to join forces with other exit operators like TORSERVERS.net to have
better connections in case of problems. Does anyone have contacts, which
could be helpful?
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