[tor-relays] Problem with MyFamily config (doesn't work correctly)

Olaf Grimm jeep665 at posteo.de
Sun May 13 16:01:06 UTC 2018

Dear Tor controllers,

For some time now I have relays in different locations and with
different systems.
All relays have the same torrc, except nickname.
The following list shows the excerpt from metrics.torproject.org.

Hydra1 (5)
Hydra2 (5)
Hydra5 (6)
Hydra3 (2)
Hydra4 (5)
Hydra (5)

Some time ago I checked all the torrc exactly, if the MyFamily config is
correct. All relays have been restarted. Again today. I expect that the
number in brackets is equal for all relays in the group.

Part of my torrc:   (the same for all relays (exerpt nickname),
including the own fingerprint)

# Hydra
MyFamily $E9A31E7EFF7A062AA67DA601CC70605AACF9F385

# Hydra1
MyFamily $0647C3F8352BBFA0D57A1C3E0DCF67FC3E073D2C

# Hydra2
MyFamily $B16D271047B18D29F62AE9F3CFC7094258506A03

# Hydra3
MyFamily $A766BF5C5AF7F897D81BD98797B17B1E8C014650

# Hydra4
MyFamily $2D919C1E0DFA4D7760471F971C2CA96E383AEBE0

# Hydra5
MyFamily $3E76E15E6BE6CFF409D44CCC40281AB5BB0B61C2

In the Tor Manual I've found "MyFamily fingerprint,fingerprint,…  This
option can be repeated many times, for convenience in defining large
families: all fingerprints in all MyFamily lines are merged into one list. "

With fewer relays in the past I had the variant "MyFamily
$KeyID_1,$KeyID_2,$KeyID_3,...". Now this line is longer than the screen
is wide. That's why I changed the spelling according the dokumentation.
Why does it seem to work in one place while misrepresenting other
configs? The correctly displayed one was added last week.

Do I interpret the documentation incorrectly that this spelling is possible?

How long is the update cycle of the metrics? I think one hour. Nothing
happened for days. Now the metrics registered the restart of the relays
1:45h before, but still with the wrong MyFamily ad.

Hydra1 (5)    1h 47m
Hydra2 (5)    1h 44m
Hydra5 (6)    1h 36m
Hydra3 (2)    1h 40m
Hydra4 (5)    1h 37m
Hydra (5)      1h 51m


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