[tor-relays] lets stop using central big DNS resolvers (Google, Level3, OpenDNS, Quad9, Cloudflare)

Christian Pietsch christian.pietsch at digitalcourage.de
Fri May 11 12:04:37 UTC 2018

Hi Tyler,
hi all,

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 10:37:00PM +0000, Tyler Durden wrote:
> The situation is very unlikely to change unless there is a major player
> on "our side" which offers a free, censorship-free, resilient and stable
> DNS Service.

You are welcome to use our free, censorship-free, resilient and stable
DNS resolver:
$ host dns2.digitalcourage.de
dns2.digitalcourage.de has address
dns2.digitalcourage.de has IPv6 address 2a02:2970:1002:0:5054:8aff:fe12:db49

Whether you consider Digitalcourage e.V. a major player is up to you.
Here is some background in English: https://digitalcourage.de/en
(Tyler, I know you know us since we as an EDRi member supported your
organisation's entry application.)

More specific information on our DNS relays is available in German
only <https://digitalcourage.de/support/zensurfreier-dns-server>
but see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitalcourage for a summary.
This is not a huge machine but it could take some more load. We have
configured DNSSEC and are looking into implementing DNS-over-TLS now.

You might ask what happened to dns.digitalcourage.de. That is our
older open DNS resolver. We have run it since 2009. It has been
overloaded recently, and we recommend that people switch to dns2.


Christian Pietsch | volunteering for Digitalcourage e.V.
https://digitalcourage.de | https://bigbrotherawards.de
How to avoid Google: https://pad.foebud.org/google-alternatives
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