[tor-relays] Strange BGP activity with my node

Trevor Ellermann trevor at ellermann.net
Wed May 9 18:06:12 UTC 2018


I just a notification from my data center that someone is trying to hijack
the IP of my exit node. Seems like the sort of thing someone might do when
trying to attack Tor. I'm in a very remote area with limited access but any
suggestions on actions I should take?

Possible Prefix Hijack (Code: 10)
Your prefix:
Prefix Description:   GBLX-US-BGP
Update time:          2018-05-09 12:11 (UTC)
Detected by #peers:   1
Detected prefix:
Announced by:         AS200005 (Asavie Technologies Limited)
Upstream AS:          AS200005 (Asavie Technologies Limited)
ASpath:               200005



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