[tor-relays] Help With Autoupdating Tor Software

Iain Learmonth irl at torproject.org
Wed May 2 08:32:56 UTC 2018


On 02/05/18 02:09, Keifer Bly wrote:
> My suspicion is that my posted uptime was retained because I did not
> restart the relay software while my router firmware was updating (it was
> offline for about 2 hours), but it thought I’d share this little thing I
> noticed.

You're correct. The uptime that is shown in relay search is calculated
from your relay's self-reported last restart time. This means that if
your relay has not restarted, it will have the same last restart time
when it rejoins the consensus and your uptime will not start back from zero.

Downtime on relay search is calculated from the time that the relay was
last seen in a consensus, so this would start from zero at the first
consensus that does not include your relay (and so also only has a
resolution of one hour, whereas your last restart time has a resolution
of one second).

Onionoo (the relay search backend) does keep track of the fractional
time a relay was included in the consensus for a given time period in
the "relay uptime documents":


This could be confusing, as now we have two definitions for uptime: 1)
the relay was running and may or may not have been in the consensus, or
2) the relay was in the consensus. Maybe we should fix the ambiguity.


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