[tor-relays] Info about Provider Scaleway and cheap "ARM server"

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.net
Wed May 2 08:30:50 UTC 2018

On Wed, 02 May 2018 04:20:57 -0400
Artur Pedziwilk <cb86eb08b7299219c1af5dbcaddd4ede at protonmail.ch> wrote:

> > https://www.scaleway.com/baremetal-cloud-servers/
> >
> > My order was "C1 - A true metal ARM server running in the cloud."
> >
> > "4 Dedicated ARM Cores, 2GB Memory, 50GB SSD Disk / 200Mbit/s unmetered
> > bandwith"
> I think you are mistaken. As far as I know they use Cavium ThunderX processors.
> https://www.cavium.com/product-thunderx-arm-processors.html

They have a range of ARM64-based VPS, those indeed use Cavium ThunderX.

But they also provide ARM dedicated servers (with shared network-based storage)
Those use 32-bit Marvell Armada SoC, have much lower performance than Cavium
and AFAIK are considered a legacy offer to be phased out over time. (They did
not receive IPv6 support when the rest of the plans got it deployed, for

> Can you share more details what make you thinking you are on Raspberry Pi?

This is certainly not a Raspberry Pi, and overheating concerns are unfounded;
before providing this as a commercial service to the general public, I'm sure
they figured out ways to provide sufficient cooling so it can be used 24x7 no
matter what's the CPU load.

But in any case, Online.net is already heavily utilized for Tor relays and
exits, so can't be considered the best choice to add another one at.

With respect,

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