[tor-relays] Become a Fallback Directory Mirror

Matthias Fetzer tor at rofl.cat
Thu Jun 28 21:39:45 UTC 2018


you can include the following two relays for sure, as they are
guaranteed to not change their ip / port:

- 1E01B887F7FB61BEFC34FA8D9EA98E4268A8275F (rofltor02)
- 41A3C16269C7B63DB6EB741DBDDB4E1F586B1592 (rofltor03)

Currently rofltor03 has a traffic cap. I can change it to a long
running and bandwidth (instead of traffic) capped relay tho, if that
is wanted.

The following relays can keep their ip / port, if you want to include them:

- 8101421BEFCCF4C271D5483C5AABCAAD245BBB9D (rofltor01)
- F741E5124CB12700DA946B78C9B2DD175D6CD2A1 (rofltor06)
- 15BE17C99FACE24470D40AF782D6A9C692AB36D6 (rofltor07)
- 90A5D1355C4B5840E950EB61E673863A6AE3ACA1 (rofltor09)
- 3CB4193EF4E239FCEDC4DC43468E0B0D6B67ACC3 (rofltor10)

Best regards,

On 06/26/2018 06:40 PM, Colin Childs wrote:
> Hello Tor Relay Operators,
> Do you want your relay to be a Tor fallback directory mirror?
> Will it have the same address and port for the next 2 years?
> Just reply to this email with your relay's fingerprint.
> If your relay is on the current list, you don't need to do anything.
> If you're asking:
> Q: What's a fallback directory mirror?
> Fallback directory mirrors help Tor clients connect to the network.
> For more details, see [1].
> Q: Is my relay on the current list?
> Search [2] and [3] for your relay fingerprint or IP address and port:
> [2] is the current list of fallbacks in Tor.
> [3] is used to create the next list of fallbacks.
> Q: What do I need to do if my relay is on the list?
> Keep the same IP address, keys, and ports.
> Email tor-relays if the relay's details change.
> Q: Can my relay be on the list next time?
> We need fast relays that will be on the same IP address and port for 2
> years. Reply to this email to get on the list, or to update the details
> of your relay.
> Once or twice a year, we run a script to choose about 150-200 relays
> from the potential list [3] for the list in Tor [2].
> Q: Why didn't my relay get on the list last time?
> We check a relay's uptime, flags, and speed [4]. Sometimes, a relay might
> be down when we check. That's ok, we will check it again next time.
> It's good to have some new relays on the list every release. That helps
> tor clients, because blocking a changing list is harder.
> Q. I already have a relay in the fallback list, can I add another?
> We will pick up to 7 relays per operator to be in the fallback list.
> Please send 
> any relays that you would like considered for the fallback list.
> Thanks for considering and/or being a fallback directory mirror!
> [1]: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/FallbackDirectoryMirrors
> [2]: https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor.git/tree/src/or/fallback_dirs.inc
> [3]: https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor.git/tree/scripts/maint/fallback.whitelist
> [4]: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/attachment/ticket/21564/fallbacks_2017-05-16-0815-09cd78886.log
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