[tor-relays] A general question for relay operators

arisbe arisbe at cni.net
Thu Jun 28 07:19:30 UTC 2018

Hello George and all,

When I was learning to implement Tor I had difficulty wading through the 
web pages for information.  Some pages were obsolete, some poorly 
maintained (think Tor flow or good/bad hosting companies).  The Tor 
manual is just a huge list of Tor terminology with no aids to help find 
things.  The Tor project site has no site map.  I still occasionally 
have the same problems when I try to find something.  I found this very 
discouraging as I tried to grow my first Tor node without a live person 
to help me.  I can imagine how daunting this would be to someone also 
trying to learn linux.

Hey, thanks so much for asking.  I appreciate your interest.

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