[tor-relays] A general question for relay operators

George george at queair.net
Wed Jun 27 20:38:00 UTC 2018

Greetings relay operators.

A question that came up offline for relay operators can be summed up in
one sentence, paraphrased from flexlibris:

as a relay operator, what "things" do you wish you knew before you
started running a relay?

I'm really curious, in particular, to hear from those relay operators
who are less connected to others, and are maybe more isolated physically
from the community.

In the long-ago past, many of us ran exit nodes without giving it much
thought or preparation leading to ISP issues, but that seems less common

For others, there might be a learning curve in keeping a network service
up with decent uptime, while updating the relevant ports and operating

There's no irrelevant answers to this, including more boring issues such
as paying for the relay, choosing a provider or experiences as a
(conscious) exit node operator.

Bonus point for showing relation between your total costs per 1Mbps.

Not only should this discussion be useful on list, but it might provide
more content for the relay operator guide.



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