[tor-relays] relayor v0.4.0 is released

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Sun Jun 24 22:36:00 UTC 2018


relayor v0.4.0 is released.

relayor helps you with running relays with minimal effort (automate everything).


This release contains important changes for exit operators
that define their own exit policy, please _do_ read the changelog
if you are an exit operator using relayor _before_ upgrading since
it requires a minor configuration adjustment.

If you do not change the default value for tor_ExitPolicy
no configuration change is required.

Changes since v0.3.3:

- major: change the format of tor_ExitPolicy (single-line to multi-line)

previously it you defined the exit policy like:

tor_ExitPolicy: "accept *:80, accept *:443, accept *:22"

now you define your exit policy like this:
  - accept *:80
  - accept *:443
  - accept *:22

- support multiple IP addresses for OutboundBindAddressExit
- add support for OpenBSD 6.3 (drop 6.2)
- add support for Ubuntu 18.04 (drop 16.04)
- add support for Fedora 28 (drop 27)
- drop support for Debian 8 and HBSD
- increase min. tor version to 0.2.9.x
- increase min. ansible verstion to
- add support for custom addition to MyFamily members
- switch tor_alpha_version from 0.3.3.x to 0.3.4.x
- Debian: switch to HTTPS (from HTTP) for repository traffic 
- reorder some torrc items

Main benefits for a tor relay operator

* automation - no more manual setup tasks
* security:
	offline Ed25519 master keys
	every tor instance is run with a distinct user
* automatically makes use of IPv6 IPs (if available)
* automatic tor instance generation (two by default - configurable)
* enables tor's Sandbox feature by default on Debian-based systems
* easily choose between alpha/non-alpha releases
* easily restore a relay setup
* easily choose between exit relay/non-exit relay mode
* automatic deployment of a tor exit notice html page via tor's DirPort
* automatic MyFamily management

Supported Operating Systems

    Debian 9 and Debian Testing
    OpenBSD 6.3
    FreeBSD 10.4, 11.1
    Ubuntu 18.04
    CentOS 7
    Fedora 28


twitter: @nusenu_

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