[tor-relays] I get sad when :-(

Paul Templeton paul at coffswifi.net
Sun Jun 24 13:08:08 UTC 2018

>>I have two systems one a VPS the other bare metal and both will drop out of the consensuses about once a day(2 to 3 hours) but are running the whole time. 

>Hmm, that's weird. 
>Does your provider have a reliable connection? 

Both systems are hosted in Spain - Some of the Auths lose connectivity. I will keep an eye out to see if it is the same ones. 

>> I have 4 bare metal systems but none are at capacity and would like to find the best approach to get more out of them. Consensus is one issue that's limiting capacity usage. 
>We have a troubleshooting guide for slow relays: 

>Let us know how it goes. 
I was thinking of running a second instance on an under weighted node in AU. 

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