[tor-relays] I get sad when :-(

Paul Templeton paul at coffswifi.net
Sun Jun 24 01:18:23 UTC 2018

I get sad when I lose control over one of the bare metal systems I run and help desk is slow to respond over the weekend. Then you have to throw in the time differences, then the language - its a wonder anything runs...

Just wanted to know if there is anyone I can hook up with to talk about some config/stability issues. 

I have two systems one a VPS the other bare metal and both will drop out of the consensuses about once a day(2 to 3 hours) but are running the whole time.
I have 4 bare metal systems but none are at capacity and would like to find the best approach to get more out of them. Consensus is one issue that's limiting capacity usage.

I would love to meet up but in a remote part of AU and I just quit my job after 15 years so haven't time to fly anywhere at this time...



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