[tor-relays] default exit notice HTML page on exits?

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Wed Jun 20 16:59:38 UTC 2018

nusenu wrote:
> Eran Sandler:
>> I certainly think it should be added by default.
> I agree that an html page giving some basic information about 
> tor on every exit relay IP makes sense.
> If there are no major concerns from other operators to enable 
> this _by default_ I will open a trac ticket to start
> discussions with the tor developers.

I agree this is a very useful feature, I use it on all exits. But it
only makes sense if DirPort is running on port 80, otherwise nobody will
just try the IP address with :randomport in their browsers until they
see a working web page.

Also note that since some time BEGIN_DIR is used, so relays serve
directory data via their ORPorts, thus not making DirPort mandatory if
you want to serve directory data. The long-term plan is to entirely use
ORPort, so relays will need 1 single port to run for both Tor traffic
and Tor directory data, making things easier to configure in firewalls,
less data in our consensus documents, etc.

It will not hurt if a page is added as a default if the relay is Exit
and the request is HTTP, display an info web page, but this again will
only make sense if ORPort == 80.

I think it's simpler if this is pushed to the operator's control, to do
it at their own choice. Maybe one wants to run a webserver and show that
page, or even more advanced statistics like bw usage, etc. Maybe one
wants to add his company banner, or etc. Making this optional and
configurable at operator side makes sense, since it's hard to come up
with some sane defaults that will just work outside the box for everyone.

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