[tor-relays] Spam Emails Received From This Mailing List

Colin Childs colin at torproject.org
Wed Jun 13 15:25:10 UTC 2018

Just to fill in that information, the list I was referring to has 5 people on it (same 5 since it started) and by “closed”, I mean only the 5 of us were only ever able to register.

The archive has been open since the list began, and a few of us have been experiencing similar issues to what has been reported on this list. Not saying its whats happening here, but could be a useful note.

> On Jun 13, 2018, at 1:54 AM, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:
> There's no point in overhead of repeatedly trolling and
> processing out stale archives when you can get valuable
> live bodies delivered instantly to your parsers for far less
> cost and work.
> There are probably spam subs in Colin's list too,
> he didn't say which list, what exactly "closed" means,
> what subcount there is going back to when, etc.
> Remote clouds and rspamd have learned them
> already since a while, faster, before they get shutdown.
> Spooks are harder to kill than a little spam, work on those ;)
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