[tor-relays] Fwd: Tor Guard Relay

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 00:51:06 UTC 2018

> Yes, it is extremely strange, it arouses my suspicion. Why would they
> specifically choose the tor server operator’s list which isn’t going to have
> large amounts of people for them to meet to begin with? I am concerned this
> might be an attempted attack against the network trying to lure in the tor
> network server operators and effect their computers with something
> malicious.


Note some potential basic attack known since decades ago. Here's a recap...
This can be happening with any topical lists for any number of years now.
Some of these ladies aren't looking to fuck, they're looking to fuck
you all over.
There's even a picture of one of these ladies on page 62...
... and some STD's to rubber up against from pg 101 on down,
actually the entire doc and more such as these too...

Curious there can be many people up in arms tracking down
a little spam, yet when it comes to some entity spamming
out "Goldbug Messenger" crypto app to some heavy hitting
lists, not any of them seem to post public review of whether
or not its source code and binary is an exploit or not.
So like potential above, many people could be getting fucked unawares.

Be safe and keep your stick on the ice.

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