[tor-relays] What is the different between Tor browser and Tor source code

Ralph Seichter m16+tor at monksofcool.net
Sun Jun 10 14:20:05 UTC 2018

On 10.06.18 13:53, dave` dave wrote:

> First thing First- I'm running Tor-Nodes-Bridge,Guard and Exit.

What's that got to do with anything? Many people rack up frequent flyer
miles, but that does not imply all these people have the skills to pilot
a plane.

> i never used source-code and i don't know how it works- not tors
> source code and not any other source code.

No shame in that, but it defines your playing field for now.

> ill ask again and again- its like this platform that you can learn and
> people should answer and not thing they are the best!

Speaking from long experience, people who know about a given subject
should consider carefully how they go about teaching. If you want to
learn programming, there are countless ways to do this which hold no
risk of you having adverse effects on yourself or others. Novice
carpenters don't start with powertools and bandsaws on day one either,
no matter the degree of fascination, and it is expected of them to learn
how to wield a hammer without hurting themselves or bystanders before
moving on to more advanced subjects.

> 100% im not agree with you.

I can live with that, and thanks to email killfiles your messages won't
bother me much from here on out. ;-)


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