[tor-relays] What is the different between Tor browser and Tor source code

Ralph Seichter m16+tor at monksofcool.net
Sun Jun 10 10:57:00 UTC 2018

On 10.06.18 10:22, dave` dave wrote:

> i have to change it because there is no other way to make it work the
> way i want if i won't change the source code.

Tor is a shared medium, and as such it is not about what you want. For
weeks you have asked weird questions that convinced me, personally, that
you don't understand fully how Tor works, that you apparently don't have
the necessary skillset to make useful changes, and that you should
therefore not be supported in connecting whatever it is you clobbered
together to other Tor nodes.

You may disagree with my assessment, but that's my personal take on this
situation. Leaving Tor alone, to work as it is intended to work given
its design, would be the best option as far as I am concerned.


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