[tor-relays] What is the different between Tor browser and Tor source code

dave` dave daved7082 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 07:28:40 UTC 2018

I know that i can download Tor Browser and use it as a regular browser with
a touch of anonymity. but, if i want to change a few things in Tor i can
change in .torrc file like the ExitNode, EntryNodeetc.. as i have here in
Tor's manual:


but, if i want to change a way more series things i need to change it from
the source code for example the numbers of Nodes-hop make 1 one or 8 hop's:


after changing the source code i and to install it:

./configure && make install

more info:


after changing thw source code as i want it compiled without any
error's(Ubuntu 16.04 VMware).

after the compiling im in kind of in dead end don't know what to do.

i want to use the source code that i edit as a i use in regular Tor-Browser
can i do that?

Thank you!
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