[tor-relays] Spam Emails Received From This Mailing List

pikami tor at pikami.org
Sat Jun 9 10:51:32 UTC 2018

I also got spamed on 2018-06-05 with an email address "kirstiea.lucey464911 at cz.mexyst.com"
No adress spoofing involved.

On 2018 m. bir┼żelio 9 d. 11:07:00 GMT+03:00, nusenu <nusenu-lists at riseup.net> wrote:
>I also got spam as an off-list reply after sending an email to this 
>list (starting with 2018-06-05) but there is no spoofing involved and
>the from is
>"kirstiea.lucey536805 at fk.mexyst.com"
>which made it easy to simply filter/delete emails from that address
>without causing any further annoyance until they change the address.
>twitter: @nusenu_

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