[tor-relays] Reinstalling Relay

pikami tor at pikami.org
Tue Jun 5 06:53:45 UTC 2018

There are two important files "secret_id_key" (RSA identity), "ed25519_master_id_secret_key" or ed25519_master_id_secret_key_encrypted(Ed25519 identity).
These files are located in the /var/lib/tor/keys directory.
Back up these files and if your hosting goes out you can use them to continue hosting your relay

On 2018 m. birželio 4 d. 21:34:02 GMT+03:00, "Nicolás Dato" <nicolas.dato at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I'm going to backup /var/lib/tor and my torrc
>I was thinking in moving the tor relay, by this e-mail I can safely
>assume that backuping /var/lib/tor and torrc and moving those to the
>new location is enough to keep the same fingerprint/keys, so not to
>start as a new fresh relay. Am i correct?
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