[tor-relays] ExtOrPort settings for obsf4, obfs3 and firewall

Cristian Consonni cristian at balist.es
Tue Jul 31 14:27:51 UTC 2018


On 26/07/2018 00:24, teor wrote:
> If you have multiple IP addresses, you can run multiple bridges on the
> same connection.

I don't, in fact I am using a small (fanless) machine from my home

I was thinking if I could test the relay by configuring my Tor browser
to use my bridge.

When I go to the BridgeDB and I ask for bridges I get results in the
following form:
<pt_type> <ip_address>:<port> <relay_fingerprint> cert=<some_string>
(where <pt_type> is the name of the pluggable transport protocol, say obfs4)

so I am assuming that to test my bridge it is not sufficient to know
which pluggable transport is running, the IP address and the port. I
need the cert string and the iat-mode number.

So, how can I found those values? And, most importantly, is this a
sensible test to perform?


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