[tor-relays] torrelay on wan

Logforme m7527 at abc.se
Sat Jul 28 15:27:18 UTC 2018

>>Hi to all, is it a god ide to setup torrelays directly on WAN port ?
>>Yes there are an firewall, but direkt in the torserver. So no extern 
I run my relay on my firewall machine.
I have a headless debian server box set up to be firewall/router between 
the WAN and LAN NICs. It's also DHCP/DNS/NTP server for the LAN.
Since the machine have plenty of CPU and memory to spare I also run a 
Tor relay against the WAN NIC.

I guess putting too many eggs in one basket is a risk but it has worked 
well for many years now. So if you trust the Tor software enough to have 
it run on such a sensitive machine, go for it I say.
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