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zimmer linux drremmiz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 11:03:58 UTC 2018


I too now have a shiny new exit relay, gifted by Conrad Rockenhaus for a
one month trial on one of his freebsd virtual servers. I have zero
background with freebd but use Mint linux on a daily basis.

It's my second experience with running a relay, I ran a bridge for about a
year on a home machine, but my first with an exit relay.

Conrad was very helpful and supportive which enabled me to get the system
and relay up and running much faster than without the personal support.

It's early days yet and the server may take a while to pick up enough
traffic to determine its ability.

If you are wondering about trying Conrads offer, I say go ahead - you have
nothing to lose except the time and input required to enable a relay.

I am not an IT professional but it can be done without too much difficulty.
If you have any questions about my experience to help you decide whether to
run your own relay, please feel free to contact me off list.

My relays Fingerprint 7D2A3BD99441CE8F104ADCB02590262ECDFEEF1C



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