[tor-relays] ExtOrPort settings for obsf4, obfs3 and firewall

teor teor at riseup.net
Wed Jul 25 22:24:35 UTC 2018

> On 25 Jul 2018, at 23:57, Cristian Consonni <cristian at balist.es> wrote:
> for the moment I'm not seeing much traffic (this is from nyx):
> ---
> 10:35:25 [NOTICE] Heartbeat: In the last 6 hours, I have seen 0 unique
> clients.
> 10:35:25 [NOTICE] Heartbeat: Tor's uptime is 16:50 hours, with 4
> circuits open. I've sent 2.68 MB and received 25.50 MB.
> ---
> I suppose this is normal, but I was also wondering how much time (days?)
> it would need to have some traffic, I have set this up at home and I
> would like to be able to tweak the bandwidth settings so that the bridge
> can use as much bandwidth as it is available and without causing issues
> for my normal use.

Users are allocated bridges at random, so it’s hard to say.
Some bridges are kept in a reserve pool, and get no traffic.

If you have multiple IP addresses, you can run multiple bridges on the
same connection.

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