[tor-relays] Relay operators meetup @ Onionspace, Berlin (in solidarity with Torservers)

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Wed Jul 25 17:37:00 UTC 2018

>  A large-scale operator (with more than 20 exit relays) was wondering about the effects of the newer tor versions and the MyFamily configuration option.

I don't think that "newer tor versions" had any MyFamily related changes that impact concurrent connections
>     After setting up the MyFamily saw a 50% drop on the number connections and the usage of the relay bandwidth;
>     This person would like to push more bandwidth and would like to find out how to better achieve this scenario;

things that might help with increasing bandwidth usage:

* run a more open exit policy
* tune DNS performance
* add IPv6 connectivity + enable IPv6 exiting
* run more tor instances
* don't use crowded /16 subnets
* choose well connected ASes
* use faster hardware

>     The person also asked if it's possible to run FreeBSD/OpenBSD in a embedded SoC (like Raspberry, or BeagleBone) - yes! it is possible, and some people do it :) 

OpenBSD is probably not the best choice if you are trying to increase bandwidth usage

> Open Questions> Who run the relays with the family fingerprint ​B740BCECC4A9569232CDD45C0E1330BA0D030D33 ?

This question is surprising to me since Zwiebelfreunde - presumably present at the meeting -
provide IP addresses to the operator of that family and Markus is also on this list.


btw: there is no such thing as a "family fingerprint".


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