[tor-relays] Temporarily shutting down public relay

Shawn Webb shawn.webb at hardenedbsd.org
Mon Jul 23 22:01:15 UTC 2018

Hey All,

As an FYI, I'm temorarily shutting down the non-exit HardenedBSD-based
relay I run at home (3CA2B91F2F2720202DD845E0E4C827E720CF5430) due to
an upcoming extensive shoulder surgery my wife is having. I need to
cut costs as she will be out of work for a year.

My plan is to re-enable it once she's fully recovered.


Shawn Webb
Cofounder and Security Engineer

Tor-ified Signal:    +1 443-546-8752
Tor+XMPP+OTR:        lattera at is.a.hacker.sx
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