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It turned out to be a pretty "non-event". The jurisdiction was a relatively small one on the east coast of the US. The staff of the prosecutor's office were all very professional and pleasant to work with. Phoul coordinated the production of a letter from the Tor Project in record time that I was able to attach to my subpoena response.

In the end, the whole incident took ~4 hours to handle, and I suspect that any future ones would be much quicker now that I have all of the contacts in place and the attorneys up to speed.

In hindsight:
* Having a supportive and Tor-savvy ISP (Hurricane Electric) was a big plus.
* Having an attorney designated who is familiar with Tor /in advance/ would have saved time.

Your mileage may vary.

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 08:42, Vasilis <andz at torproject.org> wrote:

> Hi IPfail,
> "IPfail (Tor Admin)":
>> The one I received seemed very reasonable in language and scope, and came with contact information for someone with a title that implied that they work specifically on "cyber crimes". I am currently anticipating that this will be a non-event.
>> Either way, I wanted to share this event with the relay community since one of the questions that I had when first starting out was how much "administrative overhead" could be expected as a result of operating relays.
> Thank you for reporting this to the mailing list.
> In case there is a resolution that you can publicly share it may be useful for
> current or upcoming relay operators/servers in US.
> Cheers,
> ~Vasilis
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