[tor-relays] Bridge relays should upgrade to use the new bridge authority

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Mon Jul 23 08:02:00 UTC 2018

> On 7/22/2018 11:59 PM, nusenu wrote:
>> arisbe:
>>> Two of my bridges (not all) show the same response:
>>> hamlet at v3460:~$ tor --version
>>> Tor version (git-ca1a436fa8e53a32).
>>> hamlet at v3460:~$
>>> Thanks for looking at this discrepancy.
>> is NYX showing the same version?
>      nyx shows the old Tor that was upgraded Tor
>> if not: did you restart tor after upgrading?
>      When I saw the version discrepancy and also noticed no metrics data, I 
> restarted Tor and then went further and rebooted linux. Everything stayed the same.
>      I see users on both bridges and also see Bifroest communicating with both.

if nyx still says you run and NOT - even after a restart than you might
want to look into your tor installations and PATHs


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