[tor-relays] [Software Announcement] FamilyGenerator: Tor MyFamily Generator

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org
Sun Jul 22 00:29:17 UTC 2018

Hi tor-relays mailing list,

I have created a tool called FamilyGenerator. FamilyGenerator is a tool 
to automatically construct a Tor MyFamily line based on Onionoo 

Why? If you run multiple relays, it can become hard to keep your 
MyFamily line updated if you add or remove relays. FamilyGenerator makes 
it easier (and automated if you use cron, or maybe without it in a 
future version if it ever comes).

Does it integrate with Tor directly? As of now, no. If you want to 
automatically load FamilyGenerator outputs to Tor, you can:

  1. Make sure all your relays has something in common in the Nickname or 
ContactInfo lines
  2. Use a shell script to generate the MyFamily line with 
  3. Use a cron job to reload Tor after FamilyGenerator runs
  4. Include the output in a Include line in your torrc

Hopefully, a future version can avoid cron (that is, if it comes).

FamilyGenerator is available on GitHub at:


You can install it from PyPI with:

     pip install FamilyGenerator

A FreeBSD port is underway. For Debian users, sorry, but there's no 
Debian package in the pipeline as I don't use Debian.

That's it.

Thank You,

Neel Chauhan

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