[tor-relays] broken GPG signature on ML

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Thu Jul 19 22:13:00 UTC 2018

Roger Dingledine:
>> I'd expect such email to be signed - yes, even if people can fetch that
>> data from a signed release.
> I actually thought about signing it but then I realized that mailman
> mangles messages to the point that my signatures usually end up bad
> (yours do too :/ ), so it didn't seem worth fighting with that one.

The GPG signature of my emails doesn't appear to be broken on the ML
from here. I get
"Part of the message signed
Good signature from nusenu <nusenu-lists at riseup.net>"
due to the added footer I assume.
Could you elaborate what you mean with "bad"?

- does it affect all GPG signed email on this list?
- does it affect only my emails?
- does it affect all my email or only some?
- which once are affected (ideally identified by message-id)



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