[tor-relays] Discounts/Free Trials on BSD instances to promote BSD relays?

Tony Peck tonypeck at hushmail.com
Thu Jul 19 13:28:35 UTC 2018

I am a little sick of versions and flavors, but I would like to run a
bridge relay.  But I have had no luck running any kind with the Linux
version I have:  Slackware.  The company seems to have gone bust since
they have had no updates since the one I currently have.  The
SlackBuilds Repository has instructions I followed but that made Tor
I would like a list of files, where they need to be, and associated
permissions for a functional relay.  I have had no success with
ansible or go. Can you help?

On 7/19/2018 at 8:56 AM, "Conrad Rockenhaus"  wrote:On Wed, Jul 18,
2018 at 8:42 PM, I  wrote:

> Conrad,
> For diversity I would participate and learn to use BSD to run a
> Robert


You (and anyone else who's interested) is more than welcome to send me
an email with an RSA public key, along with your choice of OS (FreeBSD
or OpenBSD) and a RSA Public Key for your authorized_keys file, and
once I'm ready to start spinning up instances, which should be
hopefully this weekend if not by Monday, I will email everyone and let
you know what your IP/hostname is. If you have a preferred
hostname.greyponyit.com or hostname.yourdomainname.com please let me
know that as well. I should have that part somewhat automated at some
point as well, just trying to get things off the ground.



Conrad Rockenhaus

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