[tor-relays] Discounts/Free Trials on BSD instances to promote BSD relays?

Conrad Rockenhaus conrad at rockenhaus.com
Thu Jul 19 01:34:07 UTC 2018


So, anyway, I was previously more active, but I decided on a midlife
career change and was on a training path to become a Physician
Assistant. Then I was hit by a drunk driver. Now I had to drop out of
the program for the next year at least, if at all, so I'm going back
to working IT. That's the sob story.

I like BSD, primarily FreeBSD (please flame me about how my relays
aren't secure later :P) and like promoting the use of it. I have
excess capacity on dedicated servers that I personally pay for that
are used to host portions of a very popular Wiki based Satire/Dark
Humor website. Some of that capacity is already going to Tor. On the
servers that have address space SWIPed to me, I would like to resell
that capacity specifically to host BSD based Tor relays, exits,
bridges, and hidden services. Right now I'm working on infrastructure
and a website and trying to somewhat automate things.

The question I would like to ask, and honestly, I'm not trying to
generate customers, I honestly believe that if a Linux user actually
logs into a BSD box for the first time and sees the beauty and grace
that the differences between BSD and Linux are that they would want to
switch their own personal relay. I'm a firm believer of this. I know
there's some hardcore Linux fans out there and that's fine, there's a
legion of BSD fans too :).

To the point - would it be fair to network stability to offer a week
long free trial to run a tor instance, well, that is if that's what
the user hopefully runs? Would such a model even have an affect on
increasing the number of BSD instances we have on Tor presently?

And again, per a suggestion in a previous email chain that I was
involved in, I setup my ARIN and RIPE ids, and my providers have
SWIPed the address spaces to me so any and all abuse complaints will
be coming to me for the address spaces for now on.



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