[tor-relays] Updating relay using killall -hup command

Matt Traudt pastly at torproject.org
Wed Jul 18 19:01:36 UTC 2018

On 7/18/18 14:58, Keifer Bly wrote:
> Hello,
> So recently I upgraded from tor to tor, and used the
> killall -HUP command to restart the relay. However this did nothing, 
> the relay consensus says I am still running tor days later. Is
> there a way I can cause the upgrade to appear without completely
> restarting the relay?
> The OS is macos High Sierra 10.13.6.

No. You have to restart the process, thus the relay. (Can you update any
other program without restarting it entirely? [If you say the Linux
kernel, does your distro actually do it?])

Don't fret about uptime or flags. Updates -- both for Tor and your OS --
are more important.

Thanks for running a relay.


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