[tor-relays] Question regarding ethical torrent blocking

tor at t-3.net tor at t-3.net
Mon Jul 16 14:31:01 UTC 2018

grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

 > If operators are taking flak from their upstream,
 > and they want to carry the traffic for reasons,
 > before giving in and deploying exit policy, see what options
 > are available to SWIP the address space to you and thus
 > eat a lot of the complaints from the internet yourself.

What he said, but adding to this -

There are not many exit operators who will be in a position to 
actually own their own IP space and therefore have it SWIPed to them 
100%, with nobody else getting abuse complaints. The more SWIP you can 
get pointed at you, the better, but unfortunately something like 
getting colo space and a /28 doesn't necessarily get you that.

The automated DCMA complaints are actually an abuse of the recipient's 
email system because the goons sending them do not change what they 
are doing (or in fact, respond) when you ask them to stop emailing 

For those in a position to run exit policies that might result in 
abusive automated DCMA emails, it is entirely within the realm of 
reasonable to build email server filters to reject those at the SMTP 
envelope (refusal to even accept the emails). You'll also probably be 
making a filter that outright rejects Base-64 emails from that sender 
(ie: requiring all abuse@ emails to be submitted plain text or HTML).

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