[tor-relays] Question regarding ethical torrent blocking

Conrad Rockenhaus conrad at rockenhaus.com
Sun Jul 15 17:21:05 UTC 2018


> Tor is designed in such a way that you can separately decide whether or
> not you want to contribute to the network, and also whether or not you
> are willing to deal with abuse notices. This is configured via exit
> policies.

I never said that, I asked if people felt it was ethical to still
consider themselves contributing to "Full Free Speech" by running the
default exit policy then to start deviating from the default exit
policy and blocking items such as access to bittorrent. Basically, my
concern is I see a legitimate use of bittorrent, which is why I never
blocked it on my exits. Now I'm being forced to. I'm asking if other
people view themselves as "Full Free Speech" still or are we starting
to arbitrate free speech?

> If abuse is threatening the continued running of your relay, then you
> should take action to avoid not having a relay anymore.

I am, but I'm in an ethical quandary. Do I like watching scat porn?
No, but I'll defend your right to the death to watch it.

> There is a page on the wiki about various reduced exit policies that
> will reduce the amount of abuse notices your relay may attract:

Again, we can answer the technical questions all day long, but it's
not answering my true question here.

> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/ReducedExitPolicy
> Exit policies are the way to configure this. Please do not try to filter
> specific uses of a protocol using DPI. Application-level
> filtering/firewalls is a good way to get the BadExit flag.

Never thought of doing it that way. I do business by the book, what
I'm questioning is am I right to call myself a Defender of the Faith
by the book or should I try fighting this or what?



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