[tor-relays] DNS Time Outs

Paul Templeton paul at coffswifi.net
Mon Jul 9 00:19:27 UTC 2018

Crap - Just found out I have a problem - DNS

The Tor service runs and doesn't stop but the DNS stops working. The DNS service is running but not returning lookups. I run Bind9. Even fail over DNS fails. If I restart the Tor service all is good again. Any idea's?



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Hi all,

how often does the site https://arthuredelstein.net/exits/ update. 'coffswifi4' was reporting 60% timeouts but I have setup a stand alone DNS for it and would like to know if its resolved the problem.

I think this is why it kept on being dropped from the consensus...

For nusenu - Yes I have setup DNSSEC :-)




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