[tor-relays] Is a relay on mobile broadband possible inAustralia?

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➢ tor --verify-config -f torrc
My apologies. My torrc file says “QRPort 9002” and that is the saved file, my relay is running perfectly fine. Strange.

➢ I have numerous foreign VPS running  smoothly without drama.

I would try running relays off of the VPS then. If these VPS services your using have limited upload and download speed (as I’d imagine inexpensive ones  do), you may want to consider running a bridge, which require less speed as  they are only mostly used from censored areas.

Find documentation on that here: https://www.torproject.org/docs/pluggable-transports.html.en

PT bridges are more effective as they are more difficult to detect for network censors than vanilla  bridges.

➢ Is it just a waste of time to try to run a relay through a mobile phone's data because the telco is actively blocking a lot of usual broadband activity?

Yes, if you have no control at all over things such as what ports you are allowed to use because the ISP is limiting these things, using your VPS’s might be a better option.
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>>> Most mobile carriers use carrier-grade NAT.

Thanks for that.
But yet again, I do not have anything but a 'phone passing data via wi-fi to a computer (a Raspberry Pi in this case) so there's no router.
>From what you say and what I've tried Optus is having a joke and limiting what we can do with 'broadband internet'.  Their parents weren't married.

I have numerous foreign VPS running mostly without drama.


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