[tor-relays] Is a relay on mobile broadband possible in Australia?

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 13:35:04 UTC 2018

> On 6 Jul 2018, at 19:03, I <beatthebastards at inbox.com> wrote:
> Teor,
>> Please run:
>> tor --verify-config -f torrc
>> before posting a torrc.
> That's useful to know.
> Now that I've used 'auto' for both DirPort and ORPort I still get 'unable to prove they're reachable' for the ports tor has chosen.
> Is it just a waste of time to try to run a relay through a mobile phone's data because the telco is actively blocking a lot of usual broadband activity?

Most mobile carriers use carrier-grade NAT.
And then your mobile broadband router probably also does NAT itself.

If you don't have a public IPv4 address assigned to the WAN side of your router,
there's not much you can do at home.

You could rent a remote server (VPS) to set up a Tor bridge or non-exit relay.
Some of them even have free trials for a few months.


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