[tor-relays] Is a relay on mobile broadband possible in Australia?

Keifer Bly keifer.bly at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 08:29:22 UTC 2018

Indeed. Here is a snapshot of my torch configuration.

As you can see, to set my relay to run on port 9002, I set it to “QRPort 9002”

This is to just give you an example of roughly what the configuration should look like.

QRPort followed by the wanted port number, or auto.

So yes

QRPort auto should work. Send a note back if it doesn’t.

> On Jul 6, 2018, at 1:05 AM, I <beatthebastards at inbox.com> wrote:
> Embarassingly I asked...
> How do I set the ORPort to Auto so that tor chooses the port?
> ORPort Auto is rejected
> Roger Dingledine wrote:
>> It appears to be case sensitive: if you say "auto" it should work,
>> but if you say "Auto" it won't know what you mean.
> Bugger!
> Thanks Roger.  
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