[tor-relays] Is a relay on mobile broadband possible in Australia?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 02:59:57 UTC 2018

> Would anyone have had any luck running a relay via mobile broadband in Australia?

Sounds likely to be $$$ for shit performance / TOS, but
if it's the only / guerilla / rural connection you've got... ok.
Typically that backhauls to points coastal anyway, where
other fine hosting services are offered, though perhaps not
available from the same telco / satcom carrier / network,
which might then be anti-diverse,
or if available, could be pricier than the competition.

> The DirPort 9030 and the ORPort 9001 are blocked.

Those are changeable to whatever is not blocked.
If nothing is open, well...

> Is it impossible to work around the port blocking?

... a block is a block. Either get it lifted, or
vpn / shell / proxy / tunnel around it, or tell
them you took your money elsewhere.

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