[tor-relays] Coordinated raids of Zwiebelfreunde at various locations in Germany

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Thu Jul 5 03:04:41 UTC 2018

On 07/04/2018 05:02 AM, nusenu wrote:
> https://blog.torservers.net/20180704/coordinated-raids-of-zwiebelfreunde-at-various-locations-in-germany.html
> https://www.ccc.de/en/updates/2018/hausdurchsuchungen-bei-vereinsvorstanden-der-zwiebelfreunde-und-im-openlab-augsburg
> "The board members of the association are not considered suspects but witnesses in the ongoing investigation."

> They seized most of our electronical storage equipment (disks,
laptops, PCs, GnuPG Smartcards/Yubikeys), but it is safe to assume that
they will not be able to break the encryption (or the smartcards). They
also took our mobile phones, but even if they were to break into them,
no login data or anything else affecting our infrastructure or
communications is stored on those phones.

> Apart from encrypted media, they had the legal right to seize
documents related to our Riseup bank account starting from January 2018.
They also went and got those from our bank, the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank.
However, we have to keep records and receipts of all expenditures for
tax reasons. These documents were “safely” kept in a secure fire-proof safe.

> Despite our protests, they additionally seized all printed documents
relating to our own and partner projects since the inception of the
association in 2011.

> This includes highly sensitive personal data of donors, identities of
activists that received reimbursements or payments, and a list of our

> If you have ever donated to Torservers, or Tails or Riseup via a
European bank transaction, your data is very likely now in the hands of
the German police. (IBAN account number, name of account holder, amount
and date)

Witnesses? Seriously, witnesses? Seems a bit extreme for "witnesses".


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