[tor-relays] what is the Nyx "measured" bandwidth?

ronqtorrelays at risley.net ronqtorrelays at risley.net
Wed Jul 4 20:05:53 UTC 2018


I've been running a couple of relays for 3-4 years now. They are on lightly-loaded 100MB/s fiber links. They have seven flags, lots of uptime, etc. They advertise 20Mb/s, but Nyx reports:

"measured: 22.1 Kb/s" for D76E1FDC7A3D899282BB882F74111B36A6D14B64


"measured: 28.6 Kb/s" for 56DCA89A6B41ADA30E891EF65FDCC071DC05079B

The graphs Nyx displays usually show around 10Mbps (but are quite variable).

The graphs on metrics.torproject.org show the bandwidth hovering around 800 K bytes/second.

So why is the "measured" bandwidth from Nyx so low?


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